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Jimmy Grow Product Led Growth Consulting for Sandbar. We used PLG to design the perfect MVP roadmap and Go To Market strategy.


As with all products, we started off with an idea. The client came to us with a desire to disrupt the contracting and freelance industry, especially for Web3, where there are problems with scamming and security.

We first analysed the market and competition, looking in particular at established Web2 brands like Fiverr and Upwork.

From there we started to put together some user personas, highlighting those that would be critical to a successful launch.

Finally we took persona problems and established a set of features that we believed would solve those problems.


We took all those feature benefits from the above and created a full feature roadmap. We then focussed this down into a a set of Minimal Viable Product features that aligned to our proposed Go To Market strategy.

PLG become prevalent as we enabled a completely frictionless first impression of the system, where we designed any public user (no sign in required) to search through Sandbar's database of vetted creatives.

We also worked with the client to define ways to have users sell the product for us, creating the architecture for an Affiliate program, which will be implemented following the initial launch.


To implement our plans, we started on building out an easy to use interface.

From there we worked with our sister company and software development agency Devwiz to turn these designs into a highly functional MVP.

At the same time we worked with the client to build out marketing plans that aligned to product benefits and targeted those user personas that we had highlighted in initial analysis phase.